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Q&A – Questions and Answers – Mahabharata ANTV

Mahabharat ep 28 - Shakuni stops Duryodhan

Mahabharata ANTV
episode baru Senin hingga Sabtu pukul 20.35 WIB durasi 21 menit tanpa jeda iklan
tayang ulang setiap Minggu pukul 19.00 WIB durasi tiga jam dengan jeda iklan

Photo’s Courtesy of Star Plus (India)

  1. What are the sons of King Dhritarashtra collectivity called?
    • Kaurava
  2. Who was Bishma’s father?
    • King Santhanu
  3. Who vowed to kill Bishma in her next birth?
    • Princess Amba
    • Princess Amba was reborn as Shikandi. She had vowed to kill Bishma as the latter refused to marry her. Her sisters Ambika and Ambaalika married King Vichtraveerya.
  4. When King Vichitraveerya died, who finally gave an heir to the Kuru clan?
    • Veda Vyaasa
    • In the absence of a king a noble brahmin was allowed to give an heir to the throne. Queen Ambika closed her eyes when she saw the brahmin; hence Dirtharashtra was born blind. Queen Ambaalika became pale and weak when she saw the bhramin, and hence Pandu was born anaemic.A charya Vidura was born to Queen Ambika’s maid through Veda Vyaasa.
  5. Who was Shakuni?
    • The brother of Gandhari
    • Shakuni, the expert at the game of dice was the brother of Gandhari and hence was King Ditharashtra’s brother-in-law. He was the maternal uncle of the Kauravas.
  6. The 100 Kauravas also had a sister. What was her name?
    • Dushala
    • Dushala was the sister of the Kauravas. She later married Jayadrata.
  7. Which great sage gave Kunti a boon that she could beget a son whenever she wished for one through the devas?
    • Sage Duruvasa
    • Sage Duruvasa was short in stature but incomparable in learning.He was a very short-tempered man. Kunti was a great devotee of his and hence he gave her the boon.
  8. What was the pet name given to Karna by his foster parents?
    • Radheya
    • Karna was Kunti’s eldest born through Surya, the sun god. Without realising the consequences, Kunti playfully tried Sage Duruvasa’s mantra when she was still unmarried. Karna was thus born. She had placed him in a wooden box and set it afloat on a river. A charioteer, Adhiratha, found the baby and called it by the pet name Radheya, meaning “son of Radha”. (Radha was Karna’s foster mother.)
  9. Who was Kamsa?
    • Krishna’s Uncle
    • Kamsa (also spelled Kansa) was King Ugrasena’s son, Lord Krishna’s maternal uncle, and Devaki’s brother. He was married to the twin daughters of King Jarasandha (the ruler of Magadha). He tormented Vasudeva, Devaki and Ugrasena and was later killed by Lord Krishna.
  10. Who was Lord Krishna’s foster mother?
    • Yashoda
      Yashoda was Lord Krishna’s foster mother; she was Nanda’s wife. They were from the Yadava dynasty. Nanda was a great friend of Vasudeva who was Krishna’s father. Fearing that Kamsa would harm Krishna, Vasudeva exchanged his son for Nanda’s daughter.
  11. ….?
    • King Drupada
    • Acharya Drona was the teacher of the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Drupada was Acharya Drona’s Childhood Friend. He had insulted Drona when the latter went to him for financial help. Drona had his revenge when the Pandavas captured Drupada and brought him before Drona. Drupada vowed that he would beget a son who would kill Drona.
  12. …?

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